Monday, September 24, 2018

Truth of a Liar

In the filth of my lies, I lay my head,
Fear my constant care…

Bleed the gut, still no red,
That red is not what you see…

Tell myself, something will arrive,
To break the spell, to stop the lie…

Truth be told, or can I say,
In my filth of lies, I lay…

Not by words, not by actions,
Both by these and twisted promises…

Never the truth always a lie,
In good or bad, I embrace it all…

My body craves, and my spirit bleeds,
My feeble heart, my body it feeds…

Simple pleasures, painful wounds,
Of lust and fear, of pain and anguish…

I bleed for sure, as I see my spirit die,
The truth of a liar, is never a lie.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Just a While Ago...

I wandered far away,
Walked away from YOU...left your caring hand!

Even as I did,
YOU looked at me and said – Take care. I’ll still be around…

Now I’ve come so far,
And wonder why I wander…

Now you are near me,
But I can’t see YOU…

The walls I built,
To keep YOU away, I fail to tear them now...

Now I’m lost and tired,
Weary eyes and a thirsty soul is all I have now...

Neither joy nor pleasure,
Gives me what YOU give...

My feet seem frozen,
And tears of blood I cry…

Oh! How I remember being in YOUR presence,
Pride, greed, and self-righteousness got me where I'm…

If I return now,
I’ll destroy a thousand lives…starting with who love me!

Can there be a way out?
Can there be some way where I can be with you and not let the knife bleed?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Heart, Head, and Butterflies!

Alone he stood,
Peril follow everyday.

His addiction, his drug,
Smile! people are looking.

Cry a little, deep inside,
Cry even more, let it flow, the lights are out.

GOD I wait for YOU,
Can YOU please answer.

No I don't want to go that way,
This one last time, the last time.

Never turning away, always giving in,
I'm so weak, wait, I'm strong.

I want to change, I need a shape,
Life is a teardrop on a smiling face.

I look behind, the faces that etched a smile,
I look behind, I see the scars I engraved on hearts...forever.

Forgive me FATHER for I've sinned,
Forgive me love, I'm only human.

Can I come back home, home forever,
The promised land, my only hope.

Torn, battered, and hurt,
I just want to smile, smile forever!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Why are you worried child?
Why stand with a tear-soaked heart?

Why do you worry about a stumbling tomorrow?
Why sorrow over a broken yesterday?

Why do you fear the sunlight today?
Why ignore the stars-lit sky tonight?

Why do you fail to believe?
Why reject the truth?

Why do you abandon your victories?
Why not wear your crown?

Why do you see only pain?
Why not see the wonders in shimmer?

Why do you stagger to voyage another day?
Why not sail together?

Why do you see the accusations by strangers?
Why not look into the beauty exposed by love?

Why do you worry about tomorrow and yesterday?
Why not celebrate today?

Why do you crawl and cry?
Why not sing and fly?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

3 Line Story

"Bro, we need to do something adventurous in this life, before it ends!", exclaimed his cousin after climbing a steep rock defying death. "I bet you'll do something phenomenal smallie.", spoke his other cousin in confidence as he made his way up guided by the younger one. It wasn't the same day today; he stood near his grave with tear-soaked cheeks and with a broken belief that the adventure was yet to begin.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Refuse to Heal!

In this relentless pain,
Suffer to exist; exist to please.

It's ok, it's fine, I've got no wound,
I tell myself with a spear in my chest.

I wonder if this is the way; I despair this trench,
No escape, no route - this is the way.

Ever scar and ever wound,
Comes alive and rekindles to stay.

Loved ones blunt the knife; enemies wait to devour,
I can now barely see who belong to me.

You fail to recognize; We're yours - they say,
Enemies are best; you can see the eyes of hate.

You look at the sky and scream for help,
You know HE can hear; HIS remedy you await.

Patience thrives inside you; provoked, ignored, wounded,
Smile, joy, and laughter- a distant emotion yet to heed.

You need to hold, you can't give-up,
Through every scar and ever gash.

This is the beginning and it has just begun,
It promises to breathe, but refuses to heal.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Another Day!

A new day has dawned,
A new day to rejoice and forget yesterday!

The sun smiles bright, the clouds wait for a hug,
Hold on to those tears, and let hope take over.

Where there are tears,
Let there be glimpses of hope.

Where there is despair,
Faith and inspiration.

You've a bad day?
Hold on! Give HIM a chance.

I continue to rejoice,
With a curve on my face and scars of yesterday!

Don't evade the tears, don't hide the scars,
These scars are what made you - the you are today!

Life will never be fair battle, the storms will reoccur,
Hold on, don't give up, HE stands beside you!

You will not drown; you will not fail!
You will rise above the stars and in the face of joy.

Just let this go by, just the sun drown today,
It'll be out again tomorrow, and life will pedal forward.

Move from your tears, sadness, and despair,
Into peace, hope, faith, and joy!